T.I.G , M.I.G and M.M.A is controlled by procedure and operator testing as required. Existing qualifications in a wide range of materials to BS EN288 & 287


Our highly skilled and experienced workforce is produces fabricated structural steelwork on a flexible day and night basis throughout the year. We have our own in-house Inspection Quality Assurance system and purchasing package this enables us to have full material traceability if needed. All our work is generally produced in accordance with the latest edition of the National Structural Steelwork Specification.


Our skilled and experienced mobile installation teams are all trained to Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) standards. Their dedication to comprehensive and high quality solutions gives them the vital edge in emergency steel fabrication, installations, remedial works and heritage specification works.

Each Division has a dedicated Team equipped with the appropriate ‘Tools of the Trade’ meeting the latest levels of Legislation.

The teams are supported by two 24/7 support vehicles.


Our workforce has developed a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of sign manufacturing. We will take time to discuss your requirements in detail. Examining timescales, materials and budgets we can ensure your job runs smoothly.

Our Craftsmanship is a blend of creativity, skill and original thinking; it is an essential component in the production of quality signage.Our expert technicians offer you the opportunity to complete your task on time with the highest quality and personal attention to detail.

The complexities and hazards of work undertaken in the sign industry, call for specialist skills and up-to-date knowledge. The credentials held by both Robert Stevens & Sons Ltd and its employees reveal how seriously it takes the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

Totems / Large Scale Fascias / Internally Illuminated Letters / Projecting Signs / Illuminated Fascias / Corporate rebranding / Vinyl Signs.

Pull Testing

[Fall protection systems require an annual test and inspection. For example, an eyebolt installed for fall protection purposes will require an axial pull out test of 6kN for 15 seconds. This test should be undertaken at least every 12 months as well as undergoing a thorough visual inspection by a competent and trained person].

 Powder Coating

Our newly established Division has very quickly established a reputation for competitive prices, reliable turnaround times, quality of its products and services. As with other areas of Robert Stevens & Sons Ltd, the key to its success is the flexible approach of the customer-focussed workforce, the range of in-house facilities which allow a wide variety of parts, from small components to 5m-long items, to be processed within 2/3 days. This includes “difficult” work, one-off jobs, special finishes, masking, and refurbishment by stripping, grit-blasting, and re-processing. The company regards such work as being “part of the service” 

Laser Cutting

To support rapid prototyping and fast turnaround. Our Laser system is fully CNC operated and offers final tolerances comparable to other precision fabrication techniques. High tolerance combined with high throughput can significantly reduce your costs. We can generate your parts from a wide variety of input requirements, ranging from a rough sketch or sample part right through to your own CAD drawings downloaded to us via the Internet. We utilise systems which are directly networked to our CNC controlled laser systems Our laser can cut sheet sizes up to 2.5m x 1.25m. This enables remarkably low cost large volume batch work or large components.

Specialist Heritage Services

Lead Paint Removal

To assist with the removal of the Famous ‘Harry Potter’ Bridge @ Kings Cross Station, (so that the sections could be dismantled and taken away for storage). Our expertise was requested for both the safe removal of the Lead paint around Rivets and Connections, and to provide cross bracings to assist in keeping the sections rigid whilst being craned from their present position onto trailers.


Hand Twisted curved Stair Panel

Robert Stevens & Sons Ltd were asked if we could manufacture a panel that was missing from a grade xx listed station, our skilled team rose to the occasion and produced to the same design and specification this panel to replace the missing one.

Bronze Patina

Bronze Handrails l Bronze Panels l Restoration l New

Contact our specialists with to discuss your requirements or request further information A new section of Handrail had been made and installed,  onsite our
highly experienced team then applied a patina to match the existing handrails.

A new section of Handrail had been made and installed,  onsite our highly experienced team then applied a patina to match the existing handrails.

Restoration to some antique metalwork, often badly damaged and with parts missing or completed corroded by rust, require specialised metalworking.

Heritage Panel

Copying the existing design, this heritage panel at Mill Hill Station was a new build, the brief was to produce a match to the existing heritage panels at the station, this picture shows the panel during its final quality check.